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Whether you are buying or selling your vehicle or moving your vehicle from another state to Karnataka or from Karnataka to another state, there are several RTO formalities that need to be completed. We provide comprehensive services starting from collecting the required documents from your home/office, preparing your file, getting the work done and finally delivering the documents back to you, thus making it extremely convenient to you. In addition, regular updates are provided to your over emails. Some of the common tasks we undertake are:

  • Tax Payment
  • Address Change
  • Re-Registration
  • Ownership Change
  • Hypothecation Removal
  • Clearance Certificate
  • NOC
  • Tax Refund

In addition to the RTO services for personal vehicles, we provide services for transport vehicles (cabs, goods carriers, etc) as well:

  • Fitness Certificate
  • Contract Carriage Permit (Autorickshaws, Metered Taxis, etc)
  • Stage Carriage Permit (Cabs, Mini Buses, etc)
  • Goods Carriage Permit
  • All India Permit for Tourist vehicles


Below are our charges for some of the common services. These are inclusive of Govt Processing fee, Stationary, Postage stamps.

  • Tax Payment: Rs 1000/-
  • Clearance Certificate: Rs 1000/-
  • Address Change for 2 wheeler: Rs 2000/-
  • Address Change for 4 wheeler: Rs 3000/-
  • Ownership Change for 2 wheeler: Rs 1500/-
  • Ownership Change for 4 wheeler: Rs 2000/-
  • NOC for 2 wheeler: Rs 1600/-
  • NOC for 4 wheeler: Rs 2000/-
  • Hypothecation Removal for 2 wheeler: Rs 750/-
  • Hypothecation Removal for 4 wheeler: Rs 750/-
  • KA number for 2 wheeler: Rs 1000/-
  • KA number for 4 wheeler: Rs 1500/-

Please note that there may be extra charges in case of insufficient documents. For example, if you want to pay the tax of your vehicle but do not have the invoice, it would attract an additional charge of Rs 750/-. Also for some of the services like Re-registration/ Fitness Certificate, the owner may have to bring the vehicle to the RTO for inspection. We will convey the date and time for such inspection to you in advance.

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